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As a unique platform with multiple configurations, you can buy just Logo 3 in 1the panoramic imager today and upgrade to the 3-in-1 solution any time in the future.

Each upgrade will have little or no impact on your operating hours. Including the full calibration procedure, even an upgrade to 3D status will result in no more than 2 hours downtime.

Check the FOCUS section for 2 recent innovations: Extended View and the new positioning device.

True full arch capability

True full arch capability

Whether you choose a large (h: 8 cm) or a small image detector (h: 5 cm), in both cases Hyperion X9 covers multiple Fields Of View from Ø 5 cm and 8 cm up to 11 cm. Whereas small FOV are suitable for localised diagnostics, a full arch volumetric scan of adult dentition is only possible with an adequate FOV.

In real clinical conditions, where the average distance between adult third molars is 9 cm, you cannot afford to scan with anything less than a Ø 10 cm FOV.

Hyperion X9 with a Ø 11 cm FOV gives you that extra centimetre of positioning comfort to be sure no data is missing.


Less stress, more speed

Better workflow is a combination of many factors and the less time you spend setting up an exam the more productive you are.

Consider that a scan is a matter of seconds; all the rest is patient preparation.

Ease of positioning, simple program selection while standing face-to-face with your patient, no claustrophobic feelings leading to anxiety and restlessness: all adds up to a relaxed, collaborative atmosphere, which speeds up the process and leads to better results. And immediately after the scan, you can share results on an iPad to reassure your patient.

Outstanding clinical images

Hyperion X9 Sensor

Everything needs to come together to give you the best possible diagnostic material in terms of clinical images.

Hyperion X9 makes this happen via a combination of key factors: a 360° pulsed-mode scan, which is by far the best way to manage artefacts, exceptionally advanced kinematics, dedicated detectors specialised for 2D and 3D imaging, a constant potential X-ray generator and a rock-steady head support unit.

It all results in radiographic images with a superb 75µm voxel resolution.


MRT Technology

Hyperion X9_MRT

Available for both 2D and 3D scans, innovative Morphology Recognition Technology (MRT) automatically identifies patient size and all parameters required to ensure correct X-ray exposure and therefore excellent image quality.

With MRT there’s no need to program exposure times, kV or mA technical factors or even choose patient size. HYPERION does it all, automatically, so you can focus on what matters the most: your patient.



Innovative positioning system


Multiple FOV


Innovative positioning system


Multiple FOV

Each FOV is suited to a specific need. HYPERION X9 can be fitted with either a large or a small image detector. This choice will determine the height of the 3D scans you make, as indicated in the tables above. If the height of the examined region is set to 5 cm, the investigation will be suitable for analysis of the dentition covering the upper or lower jaw bone and the occlusion level. The diameter of the examined region can be set from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 11 cm. This ensures inclusion of third molars and their surrounding bone structure, allowing you to plan multiple implants, also with the use of surgical drilling guides. If the height of the examined area is extended to 8 cm simultaneous scanning of both upper and lower jaw is possible. Extending the FOV further to 13 cm also makes it possible to acquire the maxillary sinuses.

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