Dental units

Castellini is a major European producer of dental units: it provides a comprehensive range of models with reflex arm or hanging tube instruments, plus right and left-handed, orthodontic, cabinet and cart models.


Puma ELI 5

The key characteristics of the Puma ELI 5 are ergonomic flexibility and a wide variety of models.

Skema 5

Skema 5 is a complete and multifunctional work station which, as well as being highly reliable, provides opportunities to integrate modern, state-of-the-art systems.

Skema 6

Skema 6 responds to the needs of the dental surgery sector with technological innovation, ergonomic flexibility and practical design.

Skema 8

Skema 8 is the complete Castellini treatment centre. Integrated specialist instruments, exclusive technologies and a patient chair which is unique of its kind.